About the Blogger

In my career, I’ve had multiple opportunities to work with and learn from other people’s children. This has brought me joy and pain.  More than that, it has provided my life with context and a purpose.

It might be difficult for somebody else to see a pattern to my life’s work, I’ve had such an anomalous career, from service as Private in the US Marine Corps (they called us BAMs at Infantry Training School where I was stationed) to directing avaunt-garde theater productions to making oral arguments before the US Circuit Court of Appeals.  I once told someone that the best way to guess what I would do next in my life would be to figure out the polar opposite of whatever I was doing at the time.  But I do see a pattern.  I have spent most of my time working for the betterment of the lives of children, so that their futures might mirror the promise of the country I love.

I’ve had the opportunity to influence lives in a large and a small way.  I like to make the decisions, to make the best possible choice from all the possible choices, but more than that, I like to open people’s minds to what is possible.  I think it is the most important thing I can do, to keep people thinking and talking.  So, I’m a blogger… If you really care about my background, feel free to read more…but I’m not the point.

I’ve run small businesses and non-profits, served on government boards and national think-tanks that set policies that change people’s lives.  I’ve helped to craft and pass cutting edge legislation.  I’ve flipped burgers, too, and made coffee and cleaned up after other people’s messes in order to feed myself.  I’ve debated international politics, worker’s rights, social justice and national health care policy with some of the greatest minds of our times, but nothing I’ve done has had the impact on my life and changed the way I see the world more than working with children. I am honored and humbled by the lessons they’ve taught me.

My family continues to teach me the most important lessons.   I was lucky enough to have two wonderful parents who remain my guiding lights and will ever be so.  If I’ve absorbed even a bit of their wisdom, I’m satisfied.  My husband is fearless and willingly lends his shoulders for others to climb higher.  My own children and grandchildren are treasures for which I will ever be grateful. I hope some day that they will all be as proud of me as I am of all seventeen of them and their wondrous accomplishments.

Finally, I have to say that I have been blessed with the influence of amazing women in my life. My talented, intelligent and loving Mother taught me that surviving is good, but excelling is better.  She has held my hand, had my back and believed in me even when I couldn’t.  She gave me wings and roots.  My Best Friend has stood by me for four decades.  She is a shining example of how much one person can accomplish if you live your life with justice in mind and then just set your jaw and refuse to back down. My Mother-In-Law made a brave decision to work for change in a time when women were supposed to just have babies and not opinions. She never gives up working for that change. Last, but not least, a great lady came into my life as a mentor three times. She taught Junior High Social Studies and later became a State Representative. She taught me to never be afraid of an idea, that truth is the rarest thing in life and that seeking it is the noblest of all human enterprises. I don’t know if she was a foster parent or not, but she would have been a great one! I have to thank you Eloise Lynch for being my mentor and the gold standard against which I measure all allegations of truth. Three of my daughters have grown to adulthood and become the most inspiring of all the women I have ever met. It wasn’t anything I taught them, heaven knows. They got to being the people they are today all on their own. I am in awe of their accomplishments and their skill at parenting. They are my legacy, although I do not claim any credit for their beauty, grace, talent and intelligence. The youngest of the pack already has me breathless with the wisdom she seems to have brought with her into the world. I have no doubt that she will spend her life fostering truth, sharing her prosperity and bringing joy where ever she may choose to go and whatever she may choose to do.

I will continue to foster and publish the truth for as long as I am able.

Thank you for reading,

Foster Truth


2 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Hi Eloise,

    Please visit http://www.fosteringmediaconnections.org. I’d love to talk to you about my upcoming trip to Washington State.

    Thank You,

    Daniel Heimpel

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