From a Distance…things will look great!

From a Distance…

“The world looks blue and green
And the snow capped mountains white”

Julie Gold wrote such a beautiful song. It’s one of my favorites. Bette Midler made it hugely popular – so I guess it’s on the list of favorites for a lot of people.

But it describes how the mile-high perspective isn’t always a good thing, ‘cause it’s not real.

That song came to me as I was thinking that sometimes it isn’t wise to apply science to human conduct.

Right now we have lots of small nonprofits with goals of serving a particular population in a particular way – ‘cause that’s what they are good at doing. We have to get rid of them in order to make performance based contracting work. Even if they are the best suited to provide services to little Johnnie, they have to go. Why?

In order to get enough numbers to be able to “prove” that we have managed our system and are now meeting our goals, we MUST reduce the number of contractors who provide services.

Apparently, we can’t figure out a way to apply percentages to small numbers. So, we no longer look at individual cases to see if we got the results for little Johnnie that we wanted. Instead, we look at all the Johnnies together and see if we got good results in 4 out of 6 cases. Too bad if you happen to be the little Johnnie who was one of the 2 we’re not worrying about anymore…we don’t call it falling through the crack, we call it statistically significant…

From a distance, the system will look like it’s working…

The song describes how the world looks from a distant God’s-eye view…to this distant god, there is harmony, we all have enough and no one is in need. There are no guns, no bombs and no disease, no hungry mouths to feed, and you look like my friend even though we are at war. Apparently, that perspective is why this God “cannot comprehend what all this fighting’s for.”

God obviously isn’t going to intervene and fix the problems, if God is too far away to see them.


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