More Harm than Help

We have to identify the barriers to successfully raising our kids, in order to overcome them. It’s okay to rant on occasion here, but I will take the moderator’s option of deleting things that don’t move us forward to finding solutions. You may be controversial as you challenge ideas or practices, but please do not attack people or make personal remarks. You will be firmly excluded from further participation in the forum if you turn ugly or mean in making your point. Primarily, we need to talk about specifics in terms of our growing concerns and trends we are identifying in our work, the bad ideas that need to be discarded but haven’t been, arcane welfare and family support systems and social service philosophies or methods that aren’t working.


One response to “More Harm than Help

  1. There are programs, policies, legislation and organizations that are working, or could work if we funded them. Many foster kids get out of the system and grow up to lead happy, healthy, satisfying and amazing lives. Let’s also talk about those things.

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